While Ashley and Travis did not experience alloimmunization or HDFN, they decided that they would not allow their challenges to determine their family size. Their story shows one of the ways you can choose to grow your family.

After years and years of trying to conceive, my husband and I were so worn down but determined to explore the process of adoption as a means of starting our family. We had seen adoption in broader circles but we had fears upon fears about what it would actually be like. We had all the concerns; we wrestled with all the misconceptions…but infertility and the strong desire to be parents pushed us onward anyway. We knew adoption was God’s idea but we were worn out emotionally and our trust was severely lacking. It would be impossible for me to fully explain how God, gently and over time, sent wisdom and education that helped us to let go of the “what ifs” and reveal what a gift it can be when you have no option left but to trust God and wait to see what He does. I cannot fathom a world where my two oldest children weren’t MINE. Adoption changed my life forever in ONLY positive ways and I couldn’t be more grateful that we stepped out and decided to take the ride.

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