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HDFN and the clinical impact of specific antibodies

Clinically Significant Antibodies

The table below is modified from ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 192: Management of Alloimmunization During Pregnancy. Please note that while some antibodies are listed as only causing mild disease, ALL antibodies are capable of causing severe disease in the right circumstances. A prudent search of the medical literature can find cases of all of these antibodies causing HDFN, even ones which were historically thought to not cause HDFN (such as anti-Lea).

Mild to severe 1

Blood Group Antibodies Related to HDFN Disease Severity
Diego anti-Dia Mild to severe
anti-Dib Mild to severe
anti-Wra * Mild to severe
Duffy anti-Fya Mild to severe
anti-Fyb ++
anti-Fy3 * Moderate 2, 3
Hh anti-H * Mild to severe 4
Kell anti-K Mild to severe
anti-k * Mild to severe5, 6
anti-Kpa Mild
anti-Kpb * Mild to severe 8, 9
anti-K0 aka anti-Ku * Mild to severe 7
anti-Jsa * Mild to severe 10, 11
anti-Jsb * Mild to severe 12, 13, 14, 15
anti-U1a * Mild to severe 16
Kidd anti-Jka Mild to severe
anti-Jkb * Mild to severe 17
anti-Jk3 Mild
Lewis anti-Lea * Mild 18
anti-Leb * Mild 18
Lutheran anti-Lua Mild
anti-Lub Mild
MNS anti-M Mild to severe
anti-N Mild
anti-S Mild to severe
anti-s Mild to severe
anti-U Mild to severe
anti-Mia Moderate
MSS anti-Hil Mild
anti-Hut Mild
anti-Mta Moderate
anti-Mur Mild
anti-Vw Mild
P anti-PP1PK (Tja) Mild to severe
Rh (non-D) anti-c Mild to severe
anti-C Mild to severe
anti-E Mild to severe
XG anti-Xga Mild
Public antigens anti-Coa Severe
anti-Co1b Mild
anti-Ena Moderate
anti-Ge Mild
anti-Jra * Mild to severe
anti-Lan * Mild
anti-Yta Moderate to severe
anti-Ytb Mild
Private antigens anti-Batty Mild
anti-Becker Mild
anti-Berrens Mild
anti-Biles Moderate
anti-Evans Mild
anti-Gonzales Mild
anti-Good Severe
anti-Heibel Moderate
anti-Hunt Mild
anti-Jobbins Mild
anti-Radin Moderate
anti-Rm Mild
anti-Ven Mild
anti-Wra Severe
anti-Wrb Mild
anti-Zd Moderate

* Information not on original ACOG chart. Not a proven cause of HDFN.
++ Not a cause of HDFN


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