Help Us
Prevent Harm,

Stillbirth, and Neonatal Death
from Alloimmunization.

Ways You Can Help.

Are you wondering how you can help other families facing maternal alloimmunization and HDFN? You can make a difference! Here are several ways that you can give back:

Share Our Website

With your family, doctor, and other alloimmunized women. Getting the word out there about the Allo Hope Foundation allows us to serve more women and providers.

Create a Fundraiser

Mention Us

In your support groups, especially your pregnancy groups. Who knows, you might just connect with a new antibody mom and really help her out.

Shop With Us.

Go to and select “Allo Hope Foundation” as your charity. This doesn’t cost you anything, but Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to the Allo Hope Foundation. You can also just click on this Button and then shop Amazon like you normally would:

Requests For Prayer.

If you would like prayer or to pray for an alloimmunized woman, let us know.

With Us.

Contact us to see which volunteer opportunities are available today.

Share Your Story.

Donate Blood.
Host a Blood Drive.

There are multiple ways to give by donating blood or hosting a blood drive. There are multiple places that accept blood from alloimmunized women. If you cannot donate, consider hosting a blood drive or a slideshow in honor of your child with HDFN. Speak with a blood drive coordinator for more information. Many blood drives are thrilled to show off photos of cute babies who were helped by blood donations. Blood donors say that our slideshow really helps to illustrate the importance of repeated donations. Message us for information and resources about alloimmunization and HDFN to use at your local drive.

Donate Plasma.

Preventing alloimmunization relies on donors like you! If you have anti-D, your plasma can be used to create RhD immune globulin. If you have other antibodies, your plasma can be used to create the test kits that screen pregnant women for red cell antibodies. Consider helping others by donating your plasma.

Participate in patient powered research from the comfort of your own home.

We Are Here To Help.

Let us know what you need as a member of the alloimmunized community. Do you need more resources? Help finding a medical alert card? Ideas for how to grow your family? Contact us and let us know how we can serve you.