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Crystal Johnson

Crystal Johnson serves as the Executive Administrator at the Allo Hope Foundation. In this role, Crystal supports all functions of the Foundation, including overseeing logistics, and ensuring people are in the right places at the right times.

She joined the Allo Hope team in early 2023, bringing with her years of expertise in education and curriculum development, along with work in organizational management. Crystal has worked in school systems, nonprofits, and small businesses. She is honored to put her love of organization, attention to detail, and business mindset to service at Allo Hope, an organization so close to her heart.

Crystal is RH negative, and is so grateful for RhoGAM’s part in the births of her four children, with whom she and her husband live on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.

She loves working at Allo Hope, with a small and passionate team that are changing the lives of women, unborn babies and families around the world.

Crystal Johnson

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