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Medical alert cards can help prevent a serious and sometimes fatal side effect of alloimmunization called hemolytic transfusion reactions (HTRs). If a patient with alloantibodies, whether they are pregnant or not, receives blood that is not matched to his/her antibody status, the transfused blood cells are destroyed by the patient’s immune system negating the usefulness of the transfusion. HTRs can also cause a variety of problems, including a systemic inflammatory response, low blood pressure, kidney failure, and even death. A simple way to prevent HTRs is to tell your healthcare provider about your antibodies before any medical procedures. This will help your provider prepare donor blood ahead of time that matches your specific antibodies. You can present your customized medical alert card to your care team to easily confirm and identify all of your known antibodies. To create your own customized medical alert card, fill out the form below. When you are finished, click submit to view or download a PDF of your customized medical alert card.
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Do not use this form if you do not have red blood cell antibodies. For a free medical alert card without antibody information, please use the link below
to be redirecred to a new form.

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