Taylor Jeans

Antibodies: Anti-C + Anti-D I developed the anti-D when I was pregnant with my second child. After pregnancy doctors really did not tell me what would be in store for my next pregnancy. Although, I wish they would have I am thankful for my HDFN warrior. She became anemic at 30 weeks gestation. She had… Read More »

Ellen’s Anti-Jka and Anti-Fya Story

Ellen discovered that she had anti-Jka and anti-Fya antibodies during her latest pregnancy. Her daughter was born at 37+6 weeks and needed phototherapy. This is their story.

Mary Ann’s Anti-D and Anti-C Story

Mary Ann became sensitized and developed anti-D and anti-C antibodies during pregnancy. Her 2nd child was delivered at 35 weeks 2 days. This is their story.

Breanna’s Anti-Jka Story

Breanna had anti-Jka antibodies during her pregnancy. She had to advocate for her baby early on in order to get the care that he needed. This is her story.

Louise’s Anti-c and Anti-E Story

Louise developed anti-c and anti-E antibodies during her pregnancy. Her daughter was Coombs’ negative. This is their story.

Ginny and Elena’s Anti-D Story

Ginny found out about her high titer anti-D (1:256) antibodies when she was pregnant with her 5th child. “I was expecting to need more intervention so it was really surprising to need so little.”

Roseanna’s Story

Roseanna has anti-Fya and anti-K antibodies. Her son was born at 37 weeks after no intervention. This is their story.

Elizabeth’s Anti-S Story

Elizabeth was diagnosed with antibodies during her 6th pregnancy. Testing revealed her antibodies to be naturally occurring anti-S antibodies. This is her story.

Karleigh and Darren’s Anti-K Story

Karleigh developed anti-K (Kell) antibodies after a large blood transfusion. Her partner is heterozygous for the K antigen. Their daughter was born healthy with no issues or signs of HDFN. This is their story.

Mary’s Anti-E and Anti-K Story

Mary developed anti-K and anti-E antibodies after a fetal-maternal hemorrhage. This is her story.